Trommel Screening Plants

Trommel screening plants are used for screening coarse materials such as soil, gravel, wood chips, various wastes, and bundles of shavings, ideal for the recycling industry. The screening drum is quickly replaceable and can be executed in a round variant (made of steel or Hardox) or in a hexagonal variant (made of steel or Hardox).


The screening drum is mounted on a robust, foldable construction, and the machine is semi-mobile. The screening process starts with filling the material from above into the feed hopper. The screened material falls out from under the machine. The oversized material is discharged through a chute in front. The foldable feet separate the material into 2 fractions.

Adjustable Speed:
The screening drum is equipped with an adjustable drum speed, allowing you to adjust the speed of the separation process to your needs. The direction of the drum rotation can also be changed. In case of overfilling, there is the option to rotate the drum freely with a program. The machine is available in a round configuration with a hole size defined by you from 6 to 100mm.

The screening drum is quickly and easily replaceable in 6 simple steps!


Mobile Innovation: Thanks to its compact design, the ASCO Screening Drum SD Mini is extremely mobile and fits effortlessly into environments with limited space. Whether on construction sites, in recycling yards, or in your own garden operation, this drum enables screening anywhere.

Flexible Adaptation: The variable height adjustment allows not only easy transportation but also effortless adaptation to different material feeding methods. Whether manual material feeding or feeding via excavator and conveyor belt, the ASCO Screening Drum SD Mini handles every challenge.

Power in Compact Size: With stepless drum speed, effective free rotation program on overfilling, and quick drum change, the ASCO Screening Drum SD Mini offers impressive performance in a compact housing.