Sieve Drum SD Mini

Mobile, Flexible, and Powerful!


Mobile Innovation: Thanks to its compact design, the ASCO Sieve Drum SD Mini is highly mobile and fits effortlessly into environments with limited space. Whether on construction sites, in recycling plants, or in your own garden operation – this drum enables sieving anywhere.

Flexible Adaptation: The variable height adjustment not only facilitates easy transport but also effortless adaptation to different material feeding methods. Whether manual material feeding or feeding via excavator and conveyor belt – the ASCO Sieve Drum SD Mini tackles every challenge with ease.

Power in a Compact Format: With stepless drum speed, effective free rotation program on overfilling, and quick drum change, the ASCO Sieve Drum SD Mini offers impressive performance in a compact housing.

Versatile Applications: From recycling plants to construction and garden operations – the ASCO Sieve Drum SD Mini efficiently separates various materials, whether it’s compost, soil, wood chips, bark mulch, or plastic. Its versatile customization options make it an invaluable flexible resource.

  • Vibration motors for emptying the hopper
  • Drum rotation in both directions
  • Cleaning brush
  • Easy drum replacement
  • Single-wheel drive
  • Hour meter
  • Remote control
  • Adjustable height
Usable sieve length:1,49m
Outer diameter of the sieve drum:0,8 m
Usable sieve area:3,15 m²
Sieve performance:5 - 40m³
Punching diameter:4 - 100mm
Hopper opening:Optional (1300 und 1600) x600mm
Rotational speeds (adjustable):5 U/min – 20 U/min
Drive power:2,2 kW
Loading height:1,2 - 1,9m