Our single-shaft shredder guarantees trouble-free operation through reliable technology. The proven SS series are machines consisting of powerful single-shaft shredders, which are primarily used for the shredding of metal chips. The Arno®Shred SS series was developed through continuous further development in cooperation with industry and trade. Our single-shaft shredders are modularly configurable and are adapted to your material with material-specific optimised cutting discs.

The rotor knives are offset by one knife width so that the cutting surfaces interlock. With optional transverse knives, the material is shredded in both longitudinal and transverse directions.

The powerful and efficient rotor shear – a twin-shaft shredder – is often used in the pre-shredding of metal, tyres, e-scrap or plastics.

The cutting discs shred the input material in the longitudinal direction. The material is shredded to defined piece sizes with additional transverse knives. With special granulating knives and screen baskets, the double shaft shredder can also be used for fine shredding. For high throughput rates in chip shredding, the ArnoShred DS is also designed with a double rotor and stator knives on both sides.

Drive power:2 x 7,5 kW
Funnel opening:0.95 x 1.18 m
Outer dimensions:L 1.58 m x B 2.32 m x H 2.59 m
Voltage:400V / 50Hz
Mains connection:63 A
Total weight:2590 kg

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