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Trommel screening systems are used for screening coarse materials such as soil, gravel, wood chips, various waste, and chip bundles, ideal for the recycling industry. The screening drum is quickly interchangeable and can be configured in a round variant (made of steel or Hardox) or hexagonal variant (made of steel or Hardox).


The screening drum is mounted on a robust, foldable construction, and the machine is semi-mobile. The screening process begins with the material being fed from the top into the feed hopper. The screened material falls beneath the machine. The oversize is discharged through a chute at the front. The foldable feet separate the material into 2 fractions.

Adjustable Speed:
The screening drum is equipped with adjustable drum speed, allowing you to tailor the speed of the separation process to your needs. The drum rotation direction can also be changed. In case of overloading, there’s an option to freely rotate the drum with a program. The machine is available in a round configuration with a defined mesh size of 6 to 100mm.

The screening drum is quickly and easily interchangeable in 6 simple steps!

  • Small Drum Extension 2nd Drive Shaft
  • Adjustable Support Legs
  • Side Separation Plate
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Protective Cover
  • Grizzly Pre-Screen
  • Feed Hopper
  • Operating Hour Counter
Nutzbare Sieblänge:1,7 m
Außendurchmesser der Siebtrommel:1,3 m
Nutzbare Siebfläche:7,0 m²
Stanzung:10 mm – 100 mm
Trichteröffnung:2,00×0,85 m
Drehzahlen (einstellbar):5 U/min – 20 U/min
Antriebsleistung:5,5 kW
Abmessungen:3,30×2,13×2,93 m
Siebleistung:25-50 T/h
Drum screening machine

Promotional Video

Base Simulation with Gravel

With Conveyor Belt


Drum Replacement

Screen Plate Replacement


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Nutzbare Sieblänge:3,4 m
Außendurchmesser der Siebtrommel:1,5 m
Stanzung:6 mm – 100 mm
Trichteröffnung:1,62×1,5 m
Drehzahlen (einstellbar):5 U/min – 20 U/min
Antriebsleistung:7,5 kW
Abmessungen:5,6×1,8 m
Asco Screen Drum 1300-2100 Basis 02


Nutzbare Sieblänge:6,0 m
Außendurchmesser der Siebtrommel:2,1 m
Stanzung:10 mm – 100 mm
Trichteröffnung:2,4×2,3 m
Drehzahlen (einstellbar):5 U/min – 20 U/min
Antriebsleistung:7,5 kW
Abmessungen:9,0×2,5 m