Test Center

In our Technology Center, we address the following questions with you:

  1. Which machine is the right one?
  2. Is processing necessary before or after the actual process?
  3. What throughput can be achieved?
  4. Are there any specifics such as dust or heat development?
  5. What end result can be achieved?

Additional Testing Options

Lederer Siebtechnik e.K.
Jonas Oehmig
+49 162 8687251

Testing facility for:


MG Handel GmbH
Ing. Jasmin Nurikic
+43 664 428 0901

Testing facilities for:

Vienna, Austria

ATM Recyclingsystems GmbH
Sergei Shaveko
+43 3573 27527 0

Testing facility for:

Fohnsdorf, Austria

Litech GmbH
Klaus Ebenauer
+43 1 9971755

Testing facility for:

Fohnsdorf, Austria

ASCO Bosnia d.o.o.
Mahovljani b.b.
78250 Laktaši
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel.: +387 65 431 893

Web: http://ascotec.eu
Mail: office@ascotec.eu

Testing facility for:


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